Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Close On The House-Thurs!!

I am so surprised I still have followers. After my little blogging hiatus. For real, I am sorry. It seems like I having been running in circles. We are closing on the new house on Thursday, yes just 2 days! So I have been packing like crazy and getting things ready to move. Not to mention the stress of buying a house. I mean really? Its been the most traumatic thing I have done. Just a lot to do and papers to have, which when you are living out of boxes isn't easy.

I am hoping that this stress will go away soon. Thank you for sticking around. I will be posting pictures of the house and the new stuff we will be doing to it. I would love your inputs! Thank you for being such sweet friends- I love you all!

Love- B


KatiePerk said...

So exciting though!! I can't wait to see pics!!

Rasha said...

Love you!