Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emotional Disaster..

I am sorry girls today was just bad. There isn't another word for it. I may be away for a day or two so I can get myself back in order. I hate when I am not smiling. All of you take care...

xoxo breanna

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh So Stressed..

This is me right now. I am a "worrier". I stress myself out about everything. Even the small things that I have no control over. I am a happy and talkative person, but when my mind is "over loaded", I tend to be a little kept to myself. I think maybe because I am going over oh about 5,897,732 things. So lately at work everyone is asking, "Are you ok?" and of course my reply is always, "Yes, just have a lot on my mind". Which is the truth, but I am not going to give an in depth detail of why I am stressed out. When really they want to know why am I not smiling like I always am?
So today I am trying to sort all of these things out. Trying to get my mind in some kind of order. Which when tomorrow comes will not matter, because I will be worrying about something else. Be it big or small , I'll be worrying. "A" ( the hubby) worries about NOTHING. For Instance: If I were to walk in and say "Honey, we are broke, we are about to be homeless, our car caught on fire, and I lost my job" and I can tell you what his response would be. "Well it will all be ok, we will figure it out " and he would not stress out about it. Me on the other hand would have a sudden cardiac death. It would be an "OV situation" (OV as in o-v-e-r) as I say.
So, before I wrote this little blog entry I sat down and wrote a list out of things that I am worrying about at the very moment( none of them do I have any control), but I am going to work on them one day at a time.
Do any of you worry about everything like me or do you just let it all roll off your back?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Glad The Weekend Is Here!

I do not know how to express how happy that I am that today is Friday and we are now beginining the weekend. I have a few plans for the weekend, but other than that I am going to relax! I plan on relaxing tomorrow and the hubby and I are having a date night tomorrow night. I am going to also shop for my V day swap pal! Then Sunday the New Orleans Saints play! GEAUX SAINTS!!!

I am also going to have to look for a new digital camera this weekend. I noticed today that it was in my purse when it was stolen. =( That bummed me out. So.. I need some suggestions on a digital camera. If you ladies know of a good one let me know. I have to get one soon, beacuse guess what..... I leave for New York in 52 days!!!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Mindless Monday ..

I hope all you ladies had a great weekend. I had plans to do a few things and well of course the rain ruined that for me. Maybe next weekend will be pretty so I can catch up. I got a new Jessica Simpson purse yesterday that I LOVE !! It is so fabulous. I <3 her shoes and purses! Other than that we (the sweet hubby and I) just hung out.

The hubby, who's name is Allen(but my fam calls him "A"), decided that we are going to move to a bigger apartment. At least until I finish school and then we will look to either build or buy a home. I just really do not have the time to take care of a yard and everything. I need simple! So we are looking around for a new place. Wish us luck with that..

So, how about I only have 56 days, until I step on the plane for NYC!!! YAHHHH!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I have been a little bummed since my little mishap Wednesday night. It's like I can't get a freakin' break. So I am trying to get happy again. I am trying to put it all behind me and just start over.

Ever had day's or week'd like that...I am sure ya have?


Check It Out!

So sweet friend Summer over at is holding a V Day swap. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should! You don't know what your missing!Check out Summer's blog for the rules and how to enter!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Was Violated Tonight

I am sorry girls, tonight's post is not a happy one. My husband was working on 2 computers for a friend of my parents. We went to take them back to her tonight and in the 30 minutes we were there someone stole my purse out of my car.

We called the cops and the sweet officer came and took prints and got all of my information. There is a park beside the lady's house and she said that people sit in the park and watch for people and break in there cars and dump the other stuff. She lives in a nice neighborhood that you would think things like this would not happen.

She walked to see if she saw anyone at the park and saw my purse on the picnic table. It was a leather purse and they tore it to shreds. They stole my wallet with all of my information ( ss card, drivers license, 2 debit cards, 2 gift cards worth about $100, and $50 something dollars), my 2 checkbooks, my old cellphone, my watch, my hospital badge, a necklace, my thyroid medication. They ripped the straps on my purse and dumped out the change, my makeup, and my calendar. I was so upset at first and then I became ANGRY!

I have never stolen anything from anyone and to know that people can do it with no remorse makes me so mad. I hope that they really needed it. They are going to be disappointed if they take the medication it won't make them feel good. I was upset and called my mom. She told me that it could all be replaced, but that I should be thankful that I wasn't hurt. Now that I think about it I am lucky. Lucky that the creep that was sitting in the park watching me didn't hurt me. For that I am thankful, its just going to be a real pain going to get everything replaced.

Ladies be careful. Lock your doors. Watch your surroundings. This could happen to anyone. Just be safe and take precaution.

I hope you all have a great night....

xoxo breanna

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Won My First Giveaway!

So tonight I logged on to see what all my girls are up to. A little to my surprise I saw that I had won a giveaway! My rockin' southern pal Kora over at is having a giveaway . If you haven't checked her blog out , you are truly missing an awesome blog and sweet chick!

So hop on over and say hello and enter her giveaway!

P.S. I will let you all know how the King Cake turns out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The 20-20 Post

So one of my blog friends did a post called "The 20-20 Post" where you post 20 things that you love and 20 things that you hate. It can be really funny when you see what some people love and what they hate. I laughed so hard because some of the answers were kinda commical. So here it goes..(Feel free to copy the post and do it on your blog if ya want)

20 Loves
1. Dill Pickles
2. Starbucks
3. Lipgloss
4. John Mayer
5. Brittney Spears ( sad I know)
6. My Blackberry
7.Chineese Food
8. Smell of suntan lotion
9. SEC Football
10.Coke Zero
11. Jessica Simpson Purses and shoes and sunglasses
12.Smart Water
15.All of my VS lounge pants
16.Will Ferrell
17. The movie Home Alone
18.Polka Dots
19.Vera Bradley stuff

20 Hates
1. when people smack their food
3. Ginger Ale
4.the smell of cabbage
5.Cottage cheese
6.Auburn Tigers =)
7.Being cold
9. Beets and Yams
12.Taking Synthroid for the rest of my freaking life
15.Dark Chocolate
16.When people think they are "better" than others
17.Ice Cream
18.the color orange
19. I HATE Grape flavored anything
20.Bread and Butter Pickles ( what were they thinking?)

List you 20 Loves/20 hates.. I can wait to see what you guys wrote on your blog post.

xoxo breanna

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blog's I Should Know About

So it's been about 4 months since I started my blog. So, if you sweet girls do not mind tell me some blogs I should check out. I would appreciate it. I have found a few I just love so , if ya know of any I would love to check them out!

I hope all of you had a great Friday. I am so very glad that it's the weekend! This week has been a disaster and I am glad that it is over! Hope you girls have a great weekend..until tomorrow..have a good night! =)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To My Blogger Friends

I started this blog as a way to express myself, to write about things I enjoy and a way to get things off my mind. I am not sure about any of you , but I manage to write better than I speak sometimes. =) I have been blogging for about 3 months now and never would I ever imagine it turning out the way that it has. I have truly met some really sweet people. Some I am sure I never would have met if I had not started blogging. It's been a real treat for me to have met you ladies. Thank you for being great bloggers and giving me stuff to read =). I have had so many laughs and I look forward to many more.

So thank you to all my blogger friends- I <3 you all!


Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 ~ This Year's Goals...

So it's officially 2010. I have some New Year's resolutions that I will keep (Can you see the determination=) ). I am not sure what happened to the one's I made for 2009. This was somewhat of a awkward year and all I can say is bring on 2010. I have so many things planned and I hope you all accomplish your goals you have set!! =)

Here are my goals that I will accomplish:

  • Stop procrastinating
  • Exercise more - I plan to work out at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Lose 30 more pounds!- I am 30 down and hope to lose 30 more.
  • Take more pictures- I am not sure why I didn't take more pic's this year?
  • Learn to save a little more- I hate saving, I am an impulse shopper.
  • I hope to improve my math skills- I absolutely HATE Algebra, so I am going to work on it.
  • Eat more veggie's- at least one or more a day.
  • Stop being OCD about everything- I am so particular about things, I am very organized and as bad as I hate to admit this on here (kept it a secret as long as I could), my OCD needs to stop! I check the door's when I leave 2-3 times, I check my purse for my keys 2-3 times, I count stuff ( going down stairs, sometimes how many times I chew, I know its sad ,lol)
  • Try not to be so self conscious- I shouldn't care what others think of me.
  • Start playing tennis again!- I love it. Not sure why I stopped ?..

Thank you for all the friendships I have made. If any of you ladies know of some blogs I should start following let me know, I love to meet new people! =)