Monday, January 11, 2010

The 20-20 Post

So one of my blog friends did a post called "The 20-20 Post" where you post 20 things that you love and 20 things that you hate. It can be really funny when you see what some people love and what they hate. I laughed so hard because some of the answers were kinda commical. So here it goes..(Feel free to copy the post and do it on your blog if ya want)

20 Loves
1. Dill Pickles
2. Starbucks
3. Lipgloss
4. John Mayer
5. Brittney Spears ( sad I know)
6. My Blackberry
7.Chineese Food
8. Smell of suntan lotion
9. SEC Football
10.Coke Zero
11. Jessica Simpson Purses and shoes and sunglasses
12.Smart Water
15.All of my VS lounge pants
16.Will Ferrell
17. The movie Home Alone
18.Polka Dots
19.Vera Bradley stuff

20 Hates
1. when people smack their food
3. Ginger Ale
4.the smell of cabbage
5.Cottage cheese
6.Auburn Tigers =)
7.Being cold
9. Beets and Yams
12.Taking Synthroid for the rest of my freaking life
15.Dark Chocolate
16.When people think they are "better" than others
17.Ice Cream
18.the color orange
19. I HATE Grape flavored anything
20.Bread and Butter Pickles ( what were they thinking?)

List you 20 Loves/20 hates.. I can wait to see what you guys wrote on your blog post.

xoxo breanna


Rhianna said...

I agree with you on almost everything. I love a lot of the things you love and hate a lot of the things that you hate, except for bread and butter pickles. I think that would be number 1 on my love list!!!

Tiffany said...

mayo totally grosses me out. seriously. it makes me gag.