Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh So Stressed..

This is me right now. I am a "worrier". I stress myself out about everything. Even the small things that I have no control over. I am a happy and talkative person, but when my mind is "over loaded", I tend to be a little kept to myself. I think maybe because I am going over oh about 5,897,732 things. So lately at work everyone is asking, "Are you ok?" and of course my reply is always, "Yes, just have a lot on my mind". Which is the truth, but I am not going to give an in depth detail of why I am stressed out. When really they want to know why am I not smiling like I always am?
So today I am trying to sort all of these things out. Trying to get my mind in some kind of order. Which when tomorrow comes will not matter, because I will be worrying about something else. Be it big or small , I'll be worrying. "A" ( the hubby) worries about NOTHING. For Instance: If I were to walk in and say "Honey, we are broke, we are about to be homeless, our car caught on fire, and I lost my job" and I can tell you what his response would be. "Well it will all be ok, we will figure it out " and he would not stress out about it. Me on the other hand would have a sudden cardiac death. It would be an "OV situation" (OV as in o-v-e-r) as I say.
So, before I wrote this little blog entry I sat down and wrote a list out of things that I am worrying about at the very moment( none of them do I have any control), but I am going to work on them one day at a time.
Do any of you worry about everything like me or do you just let it all roll off your back?


Rasha said...

I worry about EVERYTHING... we are like twins.. it sucks... Every single thing..

then boyfrind is like your husband.. he worries about NOTHING.. AT ALLL... NOTHING... Im serious.. he doesnt... and its hard hahaahaha

Sounds like we are wins and so are they.

HOpe you get things worked out love... Let me know if you need my help with anything!! even just talking and calming down :)

~KS said...

I used to worry... all the time, about every single thing. I am so grateful that the older I've gotten (and the more crap I've gone through), the more I've been able to just go with the flow and take things as they come.