Friday, January 22, 2010

Glad The Weekend Is Here!

I do not know how to express how happy that I am that today is Friday and we are now beginining the weekend. I have a few plans for the weekend, but other than that I am going to relax! I plan on relaxing tomorrow and the hubby and I are having a date night tomorrow night. I am going to also shop for my V day swap pal! Then Sunday the New Orleans Saints play! GEAUX SAINTS!!!

I am also going to have to look for a new digital camera this weekend. I noticed today that it was in my purse when it was stolen. =( That bummed me out. So.. I need some suggestions on a digital camera. If you ladies know of a good one let me know. I have to get one soon, beacuse guess what..... I leave for New York in 52 days!!!!



Rasha said...

So happy its the weekend!!

kristi said...


As far as a camera goes, I love my little Canon Powershot. But if you want a bigger one, I also recommend the Canon Rebel :)

Hope you have a nice weekend!