Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 ~ This Year's Goals...

So it's officially 2010. I have some New Year's resolutions that I will keep (Can you see the determination=) ). I am not sure what happened to the one's I made for 2009. This was somewhat of a awkward year and all I can say is bring on 2010. I have so many things planned and I hope you all accomplish your goals you have set!! =)

Here are my goals that I will accomplish:

  • Stop procrastinating
  • Exercise more - I plan to work out at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Lose 30 more pounds!- I am 30 down and hope to lose 30 more.
  • Take more pictures- I am not sure why I didn't take more pic's this year?
  • Learn to save a little more- I hate saving, I am an impulse shopper.
  • I hope to improve my math skills- I absolutely HATE Algebra, so I am going to work on it.
  • Eat more veggie's- at least one or more a day.
  • Stop being OCD about everything- I am so particular about things, I am very organized and as bad as I hate to admit this on here (kept it a secret as long as I could), my OCD needs to stop! I check the door's when I leave 2-3 times, I check my purse for my keys 2-3 times, I count stuff ( going down stairs, sometimes how many times I chew, I know its sad ,lol)
  • Try not to be so self conscious- I shouldn't care what others think of me.
  • Start playing tennis again!- I love it. Not sure why I stopped ?..

Thank you for all the friendships I have made. If any of you ladies know of some blogs I should start following let me know, I love to meet new people! =)




Kristin said...

I so need to get on the exercise train! I abandoned Jillian and she's yelling at me from her DVD box to get shredding again. Ah ha ha

Tiffany said...

i play tennis all the time now--does Wii count?

good luck with all of these--I'm 30 down, about 30-40 to go. here's hoping...and exercise