Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're Moving!

Hello sweet blogger friends. Sorry things have been somewhat crazy lately. The hubby and I are buying a house ( the most stressful thing I think I have ever done).So we have been living out of boxes ( my ocd is going nuts!) I hate it! But I am thankful that we have found such a beautiful home. I am so excited. Our projected closing date is scheduled for May 20th. We are hoping to close before then. So I am sure once we are in I will need you lovely ladies to help me decorate!
Thank you for all sticking around and staying loyal. You are all jewels!
Also, May 7th is another big day for the hubby and I. I have just gone through the 3rd round of Clomid. I am hoping this is the one. I am trying so hard to be patient, but I am getting tired. I am not losing hope though. I am keeping my head up and I am staying strong.
I hope all you lovely ladies had a wonderful weekend! I am back for good or at least until we move, but I still won't be gone long =)

Love, B


Rasha said...

Been missing you! Good thing we talk on the phone each day :)

So happy for you, but cant wait till you guys get to move!! And Ill pray for the baby thing as well.. lOVE YOU LADY!

KatiePerk said...

Ooh a new home and a new bloggy look!! I love it. Thinking about you guys!