Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dream Analyzer Wanted, Lol

So today's post is a something I just keep experiencing and its kind of silly. Its gotten to the point that I am constantly thinking about it. I have some pretty crazy dreams. I do not know if they have any meaning, but I have had this one dream over and over and over again. So I thought who else better to share it with than my blog friends.
I am going to give you a little history so you will all know how this comes about. I work for a Cardiologist and most of my patients are very very sick and require a lot of attention. So here is how the dream ALWAYS begins....
I start by going in to work at some hospital(its not a familiar one). I say hey to my co- workers and put my stuff up and then begin looking over the charts for my patients I have for the day(I only have 2 patients , who's rooms are directly across from one another, the other rooms are all empty{This will NEVER happen}).I start to make my rounds by going in a getting their vitals and checking on them. They are both male patients and both are elderly men. I get them both taken care of and go back to the desk to write up my reports when all hell breaks loose.
I hear one of the machines beeping , so I run in the room and the patient is coding ( flat line/ no cardiac output). I begin to work on him doing CPR and trying to get him back. I am screaming for another nurse to come help and no one can hear me? I work on him until I can't do it any longer and run out in the hall to get help. I see all of the other nurses sitting at their desk writing but no one moves or even hears me?
Classical music is playing in the hallways and I keep begging for help. When I go to head back in the room , my ONLY other patients machine starts beeping I go to the door and that man is coding as well. My arms are in so much pain from doing continual CPR that I cant even hold them up. I still run to the bed and then begin crappy CPR. I still keep yelling, " Somebody please come help me. I need someone STAT. Anybody .. please help I am loosing both of them at the same time. "
I am so exhausted I just have to quit because I am not doing any good for either of them. I walk out in the hall and no one is in the hallway and the other nurses are all still in the very same place writing as if they can't hear me? I walk up to one and say "please help me my patients are dying, I need some help" and she never moves or looks at me?
I then usually wake up so short of breath I am sure from doing CPR all night. I wish I knew what I looked like in my sleep. I am sure its probably friggin hilarious. I am sure I am doing chest compressions on the bed or something,lol. I hate this dream and I have it all the time. Then the next day I go to work and I am give out. I told my coworkers and they have all told me that they have had dreams similar to it.
You feel like you work and work and your losing control of the situation. I like to be in control when it comes to my job. I always want to be able to respond to an emergency if I have to.We all laugh and joke about it at work..if I am super tired they will ask" I am sure your just tired from having to do CPR all night". lol!
Sorry to have dumped it all out on my blog, but really I don't know if I can keep having this stupid dream. Do you ever feel as if you do not have control of the situation? What do you do to gain control? Help me as you can see I am losing


Caro said...

I had a period were I had like you 'active dreams' I call them...I got to a point I was really tired I got sick and then they went away. I hope you have better luck than me.

The Pink Chick said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is so nice to meet you! I love your blog! I'm a new follower! :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh honey that must be terrible! I never remember ANY of my dreams. I don't know what any of it means or what to do but I hope hope hope it goes away, that just seems downright annoying. :)

Anonymous said...

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