Monday, December 28, 2009

Gone for sooo long...=)

Dude, I haven't posed in a while. That's not cool. I am falling off of the band wagon here. So it's been a little hectic in my world. Glad things are somewhat coming together again. since the last post a lot has been going on. I decided I needed a change. I am not one for change , but I thought what the heck a new year.. a new me? So I have a new haircut, and no highlights and I am totally loving the change, maybe I should do it more often.

I only had Friday off for the holidays so ... guess what! I get sick on my only day off!?! I mean really? Who else does this happen to? No one but me I am sure, lol. So any way after trying to get better, I am hoping that I can enjoy this Thursday and Friday off. Thursday is a maybe and Friday is a definite.

So, I hope that everyone had a great vacay! I am back to posting and reading everyone elses. =D


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