Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm Back My Sweet Friends

I wanted to start off by saying a little Thank You to all of you who have text, emailed, comments and sent cards. You just do know know how much it has meant to me! It was comforting to know you lovely chicky's were thinking about me! =)

So, I am doing so much better! I am sorry I was gone for a bit, but I felt that I needed to gather myself and my thoughts. I read all of your blogs while I was away!

Tomorrow is the day ladies!! If you are participating in the V Day Swap over at B is for Brown, your package's need to be mailed tomorrow. I cannot wait! My swap partner still doesn't know who has her name, I am not going to tell! It's a secret! But... the lovely blogger that has my name sent me an email the day we received our partners names! I thought that it was sooo funny! She and I have a lot in common and she even lives in the same city as me! =) She is so sweet and I can't wait to open my present!

I am also so excited about this weekend...SUPER BOWL baby! GEAUX SAINTS!!!

Thank you girls for all you have done, I <3 you all!


1 comment:

Rasha said...

Im soooo excited for the giveaway, sending mine out tomorrow.

and awww i love you, but GO COLTS!!!