Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!!

Here is my first small giveaway!! I recently purchased this Lip Balm that I love love love! It's absolutely amazing. So this is going to be a simple giveaway. All you have to do is ask me 2 questions (for another post) and tell me what you like about my blog.
The giveaway ends Friday, February 26th at midnight!

I will be giving away 3 Lip Balms! So 3 lucky ladies can win!!

* PS- I am sorry for being a bad blogger lately, my has been busy!! I am back and with a giveaway!!



Rasha said...

Cute give away. I love it. That looks like some good chapstick!

2 questions:

1) What was your biggest fear about getting married?
2) Do you want kids and when?

Reason I like your blog: (who says I do?! hahahaha jk)
I LOVE your blog, because you're real and completely adorable and sooo sweet.

Southern Belle Mama said...

I'm in...pick me! ;)

2 questions:
1. Are you a girl who loves her curly hair or one who wishes it was straight?
2. What is your favorite dessert. (I ask this to most people because I think it says a lot about their personality.)

I love you blog because, a. you're a southern blogger...nuff said! and b. I can totally idenitfy with you because I'm a worrier too (I've been going back and reading a bit since I just found your blog and when you posted in Jan. about being a "worrier," I thought Oh, that's me!)

Keeping my fingers crossed I'll win...chapstick is one of my many addictions!

Lori said...

Im a chapstickaholic so im in!

1)Whats your favorite place to eat at?
2)Whats your dream vacation?

Im a new follower (im kristi's sister so i found you that way!) and so far i've loved reading your blog! You write about day to day stuff, which is great! Not like some who just put crap on here.

cindy said...

1) what do you like most about blogging?
2) what is your blogging pet peeve?


mommara said...

I am in and a new follower from that girl we all love so much Summer.

My 2 questions are...
1. Will you do a how to on making that rad blanket. And maybe where you got the black background fabric. {as a nola girl myself I am in love}
2. As a neighbor (ga) What have you thought about this crazy weather we have been having. Are you as ready for spring/summer weather as I am?

Can't wait to follow and read up. I am a lover of chapstick as well, my new fav is the new carmex in the same type package as the one you are showing.