Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Back, for good...

I feel like I should be in really big trouble , because of my time away! It has been crazy in my world in the last 2 weeks, back to normal.. I hope. My husband and I went and "house sat" for my parents while they were away for the Thanksgiving holidays, this is my first Thanksgiving without them here =(. We enjoyed staying and keeping my younger sister and the dog and cat company. Its just hard being out of your comfort zone. I like having all of "my stuff" and of course the hubby is preaching of how I do not need to take all that I own, it never fails I always need something I DON'T HAVE! Imagine that! Not to go off on a tangent, but I have learned a big lesson.#1 Start packing waaaayyy before they do, we girls need a little time to prepare. #2 Never take them shopping anywhere, not even target, it was a dreadful experience.#3Do not waste your time telling them about a sale! =) I just thought I would share these if any of you didn't already know.

So , Thanksgiving is over. I had a great one. We got to see a lot of friends we don't see that often and just relax. So I am back ladies! I will post again later tonight! Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!



Tiffany said...

I always seem to forget some of the most important things (makeup) when I'm annoying!

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Caro said...

Welcome back :)

Heather said...

I'm glad your back!

I NEVER take my boyfriend shopping because he is such a buzz kill. He's always like oh you don't need anything in that store. Grrrr...that's the whole point of shopping is too look!