Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Relaxing Weekend

So the weekend went by way too fast..they all do. My weekend was a rather relaxed one. I had a migraine most of the day Saturday =(. We didn't have a game to watch this weekend , Alabama had their off week.... in which they needed. So the hubby and I went Saturday night and went to Kohl's and Target. I love both of those stores!! I bought these gloves at Kohl's (no, it doesn't get cold enough to wear gloves in Alabama) that are so soft and comfy. I got them mainly for my trip to New York. They were on sale for $5. I am on the search for a cream colored pea coat. I want one soo bad!

Then we decided to go to Target. I found the E.L.F stuff I have previously posted about. They had so many cute sets. So I got the lip gloss set and the eye set. I am loving the lip gloss, but honestly the mascara sucks. Then we came home and just chilled out and watched the newest episode of The Office( THE BEST SHOW EVER).

So today we had plans to go to this fruits and vegetable market, little did we know they were closed on Sunday =(. So on the way home we stopped at this store that I haven't been in for some time. Al's 5 and 10. They had so much Alabama stuff!! I found this really cute pair of hounds tooth earrings! They are adorable! Then we decided to come back home and hang out. Our friends invited us to watch a movie with them so we rode over to their place and hung out for a few.

So the weekend is at a close...again. So until tomorrow.. good night all!