Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Madness

So, today ended the 5 day weekend I had. I was very bummed. It went by waaay to fast, as always. I had so much to post this morning, but was pressed for time so I made it short and sweet. Just to let you all know, that I didn't fall of of the earth! Ha =)

I have a few things to discuss. First off I am in search for some really good mascara. If you want to know a little piece about me ...I am addicted to mascara. I think I have tried them all at one point or another. I need something awesome again. So if you are anything like me and love mascara let me share the ones I have tried ( I will rate them 1-5, with 1 being worst and 5 being best).

Lancome Definicils- 1: The price is a little high and its just not that great, big let down.It makes you look like you only have 5 eyelashes!

Lancome Hypnose- 3: Is an ok mascara. Like if I was completely out I might use it.Again its a little pricey compared to some of the others.Gives some volume but no legnth..depends on what your looking for.

Cover Girl Lash Blast- 4: I liked this mascara, but its not as great as some others I have tried. I was told to get the waterproof. Its great for legnth, but not for volume. I wasn't real excited about the brush either. Short bristles?

Max Factor 2000 Calorie- 5: I love this mascara, but I think I am just looking for a change. I use it along with Maybelline Clossal Volume..good combination..

So basically I am looking for a mascara that does both legnth and volume. I have long eyelashes but I love to add to them!So if any of you have any suggestions..please share them!!

So I haven't even spoken about the Iron Bowl!! What is wrong with me? That's like of #1 importance!!! If your not from the south you will not understand and this will have no interest to you...but, ALABAMA won the Iron Bowl 2009!! ROLL TIDE! I am so excited! I had my houndstooth scarf and earrings and was loving the game...after the 2nd half!=) So we have gone undefeated this year.Which means again that we will have to play the Florida Gators. I am so ready for us to own Tim Tebow. I am so sick of hearing his name that, if I hear it again I will literally puke( as a matter of fact I think I just did). So this Saturday will be a VERY important day. I think I may need to take something for my nerves and blood pressure.I sure hope that we have our crap together!!! I am hoping we win a National Championship this year!

I am not sure if I have told you all of my love for Starbucks. I wish I had a VIP card and could just go anytime I wanted. I love my Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte. Its one of my other obsessions...ha ha.

So, I am posting some things I simpily can't live with out..let me know some of your obsessions..

~Starbucks Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte

~Mascara: I do not leave home with out it!

~Lipgloss: another MUST HAVE , cant leave without it either

~My sunglasses: it can be raining and I still love my sunglasses..retarted I know.

~My blackberry: no wonder they were given the name "crackberry", it fits!

~Sunsilk Mousse: I was blessed with curly hair, it has to be managed! =)

~My Tervis Tumbler- I love it!! If you do not have one you should seriously get one!

~My calendar: I am OCD I have it all written down.. if I mess up I CANNOT white anything out I have to get a new calendar. I know I know - I am weird!

~Last but not least: My blog! I have met so many sweet people and I continue to meet them!Wish I would have started this a long time ago! =)

xoxo bre


Caro said...

Now I can go shopping for mascara :P Thanks

Heather said...

I love my "CrackBerry" too! It's soooooo addicting!

Notes From the Grove said...

Have you tried the pink and green tube from Maybeline? It's so iconic and every time I try something else, I go right back to it. It's my all-time favorite.