Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why do weekends go by soooo fast?

Really the weekend is already gone, are you serious?I feel like I just got home from work?Well there is no need to sit and pout that I think that weekends go by too fast, nothing I can do to change it. So, he is the weekend in review...

So Friday when I got home from work the hubby and I watched some of The Office! Yes, I absolutely love this show. Jim and Dwight are my favs!!If you haven't seen the show you show definitely check it out! Then Saturday was the Alabama vs. LSU game! In which we won, Roll Tide!I get so mad when I watch football,lol I am not sure why? Like I am better than Saban or something? lol. I just really think we have a weak QB and he is going to have to step up his game if we want any chance in beating Florida.Another is freaking Julio? Really you have missed how many passes? C'mon, you are an allstar, show us what you can do with all the talent that you have? Enough ranting about that, going to get the blood pressure up.
So after the game we went to a friends house to watch a MMA ( Mixed Martial Art), its kind of like UFC if you weren't sure what I was talking about. Then came home and crashed. So today I cleaned my house and time slipped away from me. I had all intentions of going to my friend Stefanie's to see her new house, but next thing I knew it was 7 and I still had to go to WalMart. So I am going next weekend to see it. So on my way home my friend Kassie ( who is pregnant) wanted me to stop by and talk about baby names. She is having a little girl, she is 5 mths along. Its kid of a bitter sweet topic. I love talking about babies, but it gets me down sometimes. I just want to be happy for her, because I would want her to do the same for me. So we chatted and came up with Ella Hope. Her hubby isn't too picky on the name so, us girls tried to come up with something unique. I stayed for a few and then came on home to get stuff ready for the week and to blog since I have neglected for a day or two...becoming a bad blogger!

So that is my weekend, not sure what next weekend has in store. I hope everyone has a great night and I shall write tomm!


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